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The Top 20 Old Testament Dinner Guests

A few weeks back on the Facebook Fan page for we asked the question, “If you were given the chance to have dinner with someone from the Old Testament who would you choose and why?” As of this writing, 1,278 people have commented with answers ranging from insightful to downright hilarious.

We tabulated the responses from the first 1,000 or so comments and devised a sort of “Top 20 Old Testament Characters” dinner guest list. We’ve posted the first 10 below. You’ll have to head over to the fan page to see the rest.
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The 100 most-read Bible verses at

What are the most popular Bible verses on We thought it would be interesting to find out, so we crunched some numbers from a (relatively) small sample of 25 million Bible passage searches from March and April. Here are the results! Continue reading

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Join the official Bible Gateway Facebook group!

The Bible Gateway has a Facebook group! Stop by and join the discussion. Continue reading

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Your stories on Youtube!

Some of the people who send us their Bible Gateway stories did so in the form of Youtube videos. We loved ‘em, so we’re sharing some of them here on the blog. Continue reading

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