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Blog / Quiz: Do You Know These Women of the Bible?

Quiz: Do You Know These Women of the Bible?

Resources For and About Women of Faith

March is Women’s History Month, which includes International Women’s Day, to “celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievement of women.” Consider the ways in which women shaped the history of the Bible and Christianity, and continue to lead and influence the faith today.

Let’s begin with the following fun quiz! Can you name these women in the Bible?

Many of the key figures of biblical history were women. Women of the Bible is a good place to start: it’s a free email devotional series that looks at a different woman from the Bible each week, summarizing their accomplishments, evaluating their successes and failures, and considering the lessons we can glean from their lives.

We’ve written detailed reflections on a number of these women, including:

If you’re interested less in historical figures and more in the challenges and opportunities facing women of faith today, quite a few of the free devotionals in our library are written by and for women. While you don’t need to be a woman to draw inspiration from them, they tend to focus on challenges and themes that are especially relevant to modern women of faith. They include:

These are just some places to start, whether you’re interested in the historical women of the Bible or in the ways that God calls women to lives of faith today. And there’s plenty in our devotional and study library that all believers, male and female, will find equally enlightening.

So today, take a few minutes to reflect on the role that women both historical and contemporary have played not only in the overall history of Christianity—but in your own life of faith.

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