New Poll: Does Your Pastor Refer to the Original Greek or Hebrew During Sermons?

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote in last week’s poll question! We asked “Do you meet with someone regularly to talk about your spirituality?” Here are the results:

Do you regularly meet with someone to discuss spirituality?

Yes: 64%
No: 36%

A healthy majority of you said that, yes, you do make time in your schedule talk to someone else about your spiritual life. As one of the “yes”s, I’ve found this to be a rewarding practice. I often find myself articulating truths about my spiritual life that would have never occurred to me without having a trusted ear to listen. And being a listener for someone else is a tremendous privilege.

That brings us to this week’s new poll question:

Does Your Pastor Refer to the Original Greek or Hebrew During Their Sermons?

  • Yes (82%, 1,496 Votes)
  • No (18%, 327 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,823

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Chances are your pastor took a few classes on both if they completed an M.Div or PhD program on their journey to ministry. Maybe the last time they looked up a Strong’s number was the night before their last final exam; or maybe the Bible’s original languages come up in every sermon they preach. Share your answer in the poll above, and we’ll report on the result next week.

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