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Journey Through Jesus’ Parables

Experience the Parables of Jesus

Have you ever wondered—as the disciples so often did—what Jesus was talking about when he told parables?

When we read and wonder what Jesus meant by the “good soil” in the Parable of the Sower, or if we read the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard and think its message opaque, it’s tempting to get frustrated and worry that Jesus rebukes us for spiritual torpor. After all, how many times did he admonish his disciples? “Oh, you of little faith.”

But this is why God provided us with his Word. He knows we are sheep: forgetful and easily led astray. And because of this, he has compassion on us, and he desires that we read and ponder his parables. It takes a lifetime of such repeated readings and pondering to grow into an understanding of Jesus’ meaning and into an acceptance of his will.

One way to encourage understanding of these difficult passages is to read them with critical thoughts and questions in mind, which is the focus of our related devotional: Experience the Parables of Jesus.

In this free email introduction and guide to Jesus’ parables, which runs for 21-days, you’ll be equipped with fresh thoughts and questions for coming to a closer understanding of what each story means. Each day, you’ll receive a devotional on a different parable that will help you to re-frame some of the most important questions about faith and the life of the Jesus follower. There are no better words to ponder.

And, as a bonus, when you sign up for this free devotional, you’ll also receive in the body of the first day’s email a free downloadable PDF of 25 Parables in the Bible with Bible verse references for further reading. This list contains parables found throughout the entire Bible and is designed to be printed and used as a reminder of God’s words and promises. You can also use it as a Bible-reading schedule throughout June. Sign up right now!

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