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Blog / Bible News Roundup – Week of August 13, 2017

Bible News Roundup – Week of August 13, 2017

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Two-Thirds of Americans Admit They Are Sinners
Facts & Trends
Read Romans 3:23 on Bible Gateway
Read about Sin in the Dictionary of Bible Themes on Bible Gateway

Museum of the Bible to Offer Free Admission
Christian Newswire
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, Bible Gateway Now Hosts Museum of the Bible Radio Program
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, A Collection of Bible Museums & Exhibits

$1 Million Gift to Fully Fund Bible History Elective Courses in Tennessee County
Hamilton County Department of Education

Local Churches Assist in Bible Translation in the Middle East
Mission Network News

Family’s Lost Bible Returned After 17 Years

Successful Businesswoman Sustained by Bible Reading and Prayer
Read the Bible on Bible Gateway

Biologists Analyze 900-Year-Old Gospel of Luke
Baptist Press

Cave Could Be Source of Stone Jars Whose Water Jesus Turned Into Wine
Read John 2 on Bible Gateway
Read about Cana in Smith’s Bible Names Dictionary on Bible Gateway
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