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Blog / Bible News Roundup – Week of March 6, 2016

Bible News Roundup – Week of March 6, 2016

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Deaths: Jerry Bridges and Gary Smalley
Christianity Today: Jerry Bridges
See books and curriculum by Jerry Bridges in the Bible Gateway Store

Christianity Today: Gary Smalley
See books and curriculum by Gary Smalley in the Bible Gateway Store

A Treasure of the Church: The NRSV Bible (podcast)
Read the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible on Bible Gateway

Museum Of The Bible Will Bring Exhibit to The Gideons’ 2016 International Convention
The Gideons International
Bible Gateway Now Hosts Museum of the Bible Radio Program

Gutenberg Bible and Darwin’s Origin of the Species on Display in University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge
A Collection of Bible Museums & Exhibits

500th Anniversary: Erasmus’ Greek New Testament Changed History
Baptist Press
See biblical Greek resources in the Bible Gateway Store
Read The Mounce Reverse-Interlinear™ New Testament on Bible Gateway
Read The Greek New Testament: SBL Edition on Bible Gateway
Read Other Greek New Testaments on Bible Gateway

Will You Be a Good Samaritan? Bible Society Poll Says Perhaps Not
Read The Good Samaritan parable from Luke 10:25-37 on Bible Gateway

State Senate Bill Would Allow Bible Literacy Courses to be Taught in Kentucky Public Schools

Idaho Senate Passes Bible-in-Schools Bill 31-3, Says it’s Better Than Current Law
The Spokesman-Review

Russian Sign Language Bible to Open Up Scripture to Deaf Millions
Mission Network News

JESUS Film Tops 1,400 Translations
Mission Network News

Three Ministries Render a Bible Translation Tool for Oral Cultures
Mission Network News

‘In God We Trust’ Added to Crawford County Michigan Police Cars

Chino Valley California School Board to Appeal Ruling Against Praying
Daily Bulletin

Youth Compete in Bible Bowl

Report: At Least 177 Cases of Christian Persecution in India in 2015

Franklin Graham to Convene “The World Summit In Defense of Persecuted Christians” This October In Moscow, Russia
International Day(s) of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Mural Bringing Bible Stories to Life
Times Daily

Paging Into the Past: Bookbinder’s Work Transcends Time
Omaha World-Herald

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