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Blog / Leading a Bible Study? Bible Gateway Plus Makes Your Job Easier

Leading a Bible Study? Bible Gateway Plus Makes Your Job Easier

Are you the leader of a regular Bible study or church small group? If so, you probably spend a fair amount of time getting ready to lead weekly or monthly discussions about Bible topics and passages.

That preparation is hard but rewarding work. And unless you happen to be a pastor, you probably prepare for those study discussions with a relatively limited arsenal of Bible study tools at your disposal. Most of us have a study Bible or two on our bookshelves, but certainly not the depth of Bible help represented by an expensive library of commentaries and reference works.

Does that describe you? If so, Bible Gateway Plus was made for you. It’s designed to give you easy and inexpensive access to a library of Bible study helps that would be prohibitively expensive to own in print. If you haven’t tried it yet, take it for a spin for 30 days free and see how it makes your Bible study easier and more Here’s what your 30-day free trial of Bible Gateway Plus provides:

1. Access to over 40 digital study Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, and other references.

You’ll get access to dozens of top-quality Bible reference books—with each entry displayed right alongside the Scripture being discussed! These aren’t just ebooks that you’ll need to laboriously search through; these are keyed to individual Bible verses and are displayed right next to them on Bible Gateway. When you look up John 3:16, Bible Gateway Plus collects every note about John 3:16 from its library and makes them available to you.

What’s more, those 40+ books represent a wide swath of theological perspective. And they aren’t niche titles; they’re prominent reference works that are used by pastors, scholars, and Bible students around the world. They range from the popular NIV Study Bible to the comprehensive Expositor’s Bible Commentary to the accessible How to Read the Bible Book by Book. Click here to see a full list of titles in the Bible Gateway Plus library.

2. An ad-free Bible Gateway experience.

Banner ads help pay our bills and keep Bible Gateway available, but we understand that they can be distracting. Bible Gateway Plus membership removes banner ads from Scripture pages on Bible Gateway, so you can read and study without distraction.

3. For February only, we’ve added the much-loved NIV Application Commentary on Genesis to the Bible Gateway Plus library.

The NIV Application Commentary on Genesis is one of the best and most accessible resources on Genesis available. If you’re involved in a Bible study that’s reading through or regularly referring to Genesis, this is the perfect time to start your free 30-day trial and get access to this useful reference.

We meant what we said above—Bible Gateway Plus was made to help you. There’s no risk involved in starting a 30-day free trial—you’ll get full access to Bible Gateway Plus during the trial period and can cancel anytime. So if you haven’t yet tried it out, start your trial today and see why thousands of Bible Gateway visitors have upgraded their experience with a Bible Gateway Plus membership!

Make your Bible study easier and more rewarding. Click here to sign up for your free 30-day trial!

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