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Blog / Questions About Christianity? Lee Strobel’s “Investigating Faith” Newsletter is Back!

Questions About Christianity? Lee Strobel’s “Investigating Faith” Newsletter is Back!

Lee-StrobelOne of our most popular email newsletters is returning this week! After a lengthy hiatus, Lee Strobel’s Investigating Faith newsletter begins again this Friday! Sign up here to receive it for free.

When Investigating Faith first launched at Bible Gateway, it quickly became one of our most popular email newsletters. Strobel is a well-known author, speaker, and apologist, and in Investigating Faith he brings his insight to bear on all manner of faith-related topics. Through interviews, personal reflections, question-and-answer exchanges with readers, and more, Lee demonstrates that there are compelling reasons to put your faith in Jesus Christ. If you’ve read any of Lee’s books (like his famous The Case for Christ, or his recent Case for Christianity Answer Book), you know Lee doesn’t dodge tough questions about faith and Christianity; he takes them seriously—and he answers them honestly and directly.

To get a sense of what you can expect in Investigating Faith, see these excerpts from past issues:

For its re-launch this Friday, Investigating Faith has received a visual makeover (and it looks great on any size screen, from desktops to smartphones!). Lee’s writing is as thought-provoking as ever. Whether or not you’re a Christian, if you’ve ever doubted or had questions about the rationality of the Christian faith, this is a great resource.

Sign up for Investigating Faith here (it’s free), and a new issue will be sent to your inbox every few weeks. Subscribe before Friday, August 1 in order to get the first issue!

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