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Explore Bible Prophecy With “The Plan” Devotional

theplanOne of the most unique email devotionals on Bible Gateway just celebrated its one-year anniversary!

That devotional is The Plan, a weekly devotional centered around a single question: Can God’s Word be trusted? To answer that question, The Plan walks through the many prophecies and promises made throughout the Bible and identifies which ones have already been fulfilled, which are in the process of being fulfilled, and which have not yet been fulfilled.

The result is an extremely unique devotional that will, over the course of a year, introduce you to the prophecies of the Bible and encourage you to consider what we can learn from them about Scripture’s reliability.

If you haven’t subscribed to The Plan, now’s a good time to do so—it’s just restarting from the beginning this week. (It originally launched on Bible Gateway one year ago.) Take a look at the first weekly reading here to get a feel for how it works (and be sure to read the brief note at the bottom of the devotional explaining the color-coding used to distinguish the different types of prophecies). If you’re intrigued by what you read, you can either read The Plan online or subscribe to have it delivered to you via email each week—sign up with the box on the right side of the page.

We’re grateful to Jeff Swanson Ministries for making The Plan available as a weekly devotional here at Bible Gateway. You can learn more about The Plan Bible (from which the devotional is drawn) at

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