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Blog / Fan Tutorial: How to Study the Bible at

Fan Tutorial: How to Study the Bible at

Blogger Jason Neil Soto knows how to get the most out of—and he’s sharing his knowledge with you! He’s put together an awesome tutorial video that walks through the process of studying the Bible online using

Jason starts with the very basics, but moves into more advanced features (like parallel Bible views, editing the way Bible Gateway displays Bible text, and reading commentaries) as well. Here’s Jason’s tutorial:

If you mostly use Bible Gateway to look up individual Bible verses or passages, this video shows that there’s a lot more you can get out of Bible Gateway without much extra effort. We hope this has shown you one or two Bible Gateway features that you didn’t know about!

Thanks to Jason for putting together this excellent tutorial! Jason, who has impeccable taste in Bible websites and no doubt many other things, blogs at and you can follow him at @JasonNeilSoto.

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