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Blog / Bible Gateway’s Rachel Barach at CNMAC13: Reimagining the Word in a Digital Age

Bible Gateway’s Rachel Barach at CNMAC13: Reimagining the Word in a Digital Age

Bible Gateway's general manager Rachel Barach.

Bible Gateway’s general manager Rachel Barach.

Bible Gateway’s general manager Rachel Barach will be speaking at the Christian New Media Conference in November!

The Christian New Media Conference, taking place in London on Saturday, November 9, will bring together a variety of Christian leaders and visionaries to reimagine what it means to be a global church in a digital world. We’re thrilled to have Bible Gateway be a part of that conversation! Rachel’s presentation is entitled “Reiminaging the Word;” she’ll be sharing insights she’s learned from her work with Bible Gateway and talking about the good and bad ways that technology has changed the way we approach God’s Word.

The CNMAC website has a short interview with Rachel in which she shares her vision for discipleship in this digital age. Here’s how she answers the question “What do you think the digital age means for discipleship?”

I think the digital age has brought great responsibility for those of us called to discipleship. It is easy to think that we are being good disciples (or good enough) just because we share Bible verses via Facebook, or help our church build a website, or purchase a devotional e-book for a friend. And those are all good things—don’t stop doing them! But they are not a substitute for human contact, for in-person community and accountability, for time, and touch, and corporate acts of service, worship, prayer, encouragement and admonishment. Online communities should augment, not substitute, our face-to-face to time with others.

cnmac13-135Everything we do at Bible Gateway is aimed at bringing people closer to God’s Word, and equipping them with tools to help them make that kind of radical discipleship a reality in their lives. We hope you share that vision. Read the rest of CNMAC’s profile of Rachel, and if you’re attending CNMAC 2013, be sure to stop by her session! On Twitter, you can follow conference discussion at #CNMAC13 and Bible Gateway at @biblegateway.

Update: The Bible Gateway app is a finalist for “Christian Mobile/Tablet App of the Year” the Christian New Media Awards 2013! Try out the app yourself by downloading it for free for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire.

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