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Blog / Start a Family Devotion Time With “Streams in the Desert for Kids”

Start a Family Devotion Time With “Streams in the Desert for Kids”

Do you have regular family devotion time?

If you’re like me, family devotional time at the dinner table is something you want to do, but struggle to make happen in the midst of hectic work and school schedules. For every idyllic shared family meal at our house, there’s another disrupted by late workdays, church meetings, book groups, or any of the countless other distractions of everyday life.

But I think we all recognize that regular fellowship as a family—particularly fellowship centered around our faith—is important, even though it can be challenging to incorporate into your schedule. So we’ve just added a new email devotional that’s designed specifically to be read together as a family: Streams in the Desert for Kids.

Streams in the Desert for Kids is a weekly email devotional that presents insights from the devotional classic Streams in the Desert in a way that kids can relate to. It goes out every Saturday. It’s written with kids in mind, but can be appreciated by grown-ups, too. Each devotional is short enough to be read in just a few minutes, and to get a family conversation started.

We recommend making Streams in the Desert for Kids a part of your family’s weekly routine. Sign up to have it sent do you each Saturday morning, and then choose a time to read each week’s devotional together as a family (at the computer, on a printout, or on your mobile device).

Give it a try! Sign up for Streams in the Desert for Kids and carve out some time each week to walk through it with your family. (Parents, you might also want to sign up for Night Life for Parents and Night Life for Couples devotionals while you’re at it!)

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