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Blog / Un Día a La Vez: New Spanish Devotional by Claudia Pinzón

Un Día a La Vez: New Spanish Devotional by Claudia Pinzón

We’re pleased to announce a brand-new daily devotional in Spanish: Un Día a La Vez!

Every morning, Un Día a la Vez offers practical, straightforward spiritual guidance from well-known author and radio host Claudia Pinzón—helping you through life’s daily challenges while also encouraging you to return to (or start!) the habit of reading Scripture every day.

Claudia Pinzón, author of the Un Día a La Vez devotional.

Claudia Pinzón has been a leader in Christian radio and community work in the Miami area for many years. Under her direction, radio programs like Buenos Días Familia and Nuestra Gente have supported local health initiatives, prison outreach, and aid programs for abandoned children. She’s won many awards for her radio work, and even has the distinction of having a local holiday named after her (Día de Claudia Pinzón is April 17!).

With her family-focused ministry background, Pinzón knows that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the demands of your family, job, and other everyday responsibilities. Her devotional writing shows how to take your faith one day at a time.

To sign up, visit our Newsletter signup page. Once there, just check the box next to Un Día a la Vez and scroll down to the bottom of the page to provide your email address and sign up. Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive a new devotional in your inbox first thing every morning.

We’re very excited to make this devotion available to our Spanish-speaking visitors. If you or someone you know has lamented the lack of Spanish devotions on Bible Gateway in the past, we hope you’ll find Un Día a la Vez to be just what you were waiting for. Sign up today!

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