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Blog / Two New Devotionals for Families by Dr. James and Shirley Dobson

Two New Devotionals for Families by Dr. James and Shirley Dobson

Dr. James and Shirley Dobson, authors of our two newest devotionals.

Divorce. School violence and bullying. Job stress. Pornography. Peer pressure. We could spend quite a while listing out all the unhealthy pressures and temptations that face families today. Now that I’m the father of a young girl who’ll be starting grade school next year, these topics have suddenly transformed from abstract, distant concerns to very tangible worries. And ten years into marriage, I have become very aware of the many “little things” that, if not handled well, can poison a marriage relationship over time.

As my children grow, how can I help them become confident, godly people who can handle the temptations and challenges life throws at them? And how can I strengthen my relationship with my spouse so that our marriage will be characterized by selfless love and mutual encouragement?

We’ve just added two new email devotionals that will be helpful to anyone concerned about the spiritual health of their family: Night Light for Couples and Night Light for Parents, by Dr. James and Shirley Dobson. Dr. Dobson hardly needs an introduction—he’s the author of many beloved and influential books and articles about family life; and in these two devotionals he and his wife Shirley (herself a respected author and speaker) offer practical, direct, and encouraging guidance for couples and parents.

  • Night Light for Couples is a devotional that’s meant for married couples to read together at the end of each day. It talks about the everyday challenges and joys of marriage, and in the Dobsons’ gentle style it challenges husbands and wives to set aside distractions that get in the way of a strong, healthy marriage relationship.
  • Night Light for Parents follows a similar pattern, but here James and Shirley talk openly and honestly about the trials of parenthood. Using many examples of parenting successes and failures from their own experience, they will help you to raise your children with love, fairness, and with the right perspective.

Each of these devotionals is emailed out once a day, and both work best if you and your partner read and discuss them together. (Many of the entries close with reflection questions to get the conversation started.)

We at Bible Gateway are very excited to make these two particular devotionals available. I can think of few better ways to wrap up each day than quiet, God-centered reflection with your spouse (and since most of our other devotionals are geared for morning reading, these make for a nice change of pace). If you’re married, have kids, or both, give them a try (and have your spouse sign up too!)

To do so, just visit our Newsletters page, check the boxes next to the devotionals you want to receive, and scroll down to sign up. Both of these devotionals begin on Monday, April 22.

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