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Make Bible Reading a Habit in 2013

What would you like to accomplish in 2013?

If you’re like many Christians, one thing you’d like to do in 2013 is spend more time with God’s Word. Maybe you’ve never read through the Bible, or maybe you’ve repeatedly tried to read the Bible regularly but never got it to “stick.” You know that there are tremendous benefits to reading the Bible each day, but for whatever reason, have found that hard to do.

It’s become an annual tradition here at Bible Gateway to try and find ways to help people get to know the Bible better—and in 2013, we want to help you make Bible reading a habit.

The reason many of us fail to read the Bible regularly is because we treat daily Bible reading as a chore or a task, and not as a habit to be cultivated. But if you can make Bible reading a regular, comfortable part of your daily routine—as familiar and dependable as your morning cup of coffee, or your evening walk through the neighborhood, or any other activity you do almost reflexively—then reading God’s Word won’t be a challenge. It will be an enjoyable habit.

So how can you make Bible reading a habit in 2013?

It’s been said that if you can stick with something for just 21 days, that’s enough for it to become a dependable habit. So starting on January 1, we’re running a brand-new Bible reading devotional that runs for 21 days: just long enough to make Bible reading a habit.

It’s called the Once-a-Day Bible Promises devotional, and all you have to do is sign up, read a short daily reading, and after three weeks, we think you’ll be in the habit of reading God’s Word. At that point there are plenty of other Bible reading plans at Bible Gateway that you can “graduate” to, or you can follow your own strategy. Either way, we hope it helps make Bible reading not something you do grudgingly because you’re “supposed” to, but something that fits so comfortably into your daily routine that your day just doesn’t feel complete without it!

Sign up for the Once-a-Day Bible Promises devotional at our newsletter sign-up page. (It starts on January 1.) And have a blessed New Year!

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