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Blog / Meet the “Cloud of Witnesses” With Our New “Faithful Through the Ages” Newsletter

Meet the “Cloud of Witnesses” With Our New “Faithful Through the Ages” Newsletter

Who were the great men and women of church history? Faithful Through the Ages, our newest weekly email newsletter, looks at the individuals God used throughout history to build and shape His church.

God has always used interesting and unlikely people to carry out His will on earth. Preachers, artists, kings, and outcasts; rich and poor; famous and obscure—God has called servants from every walk of life to spread the Gospel and preserve the church. Faithful Through the Ages picks up where our popular “Men of the Bible” and “Women of the Bible” newsletters leave off, and highlights influential Christians who have served God in the two thousands years since the time of the early church.

Faithful Through the Ages is your chance to meet this motley crew of influential believers, and to learn more about the “cloud of witnesses” whose lives and faith paved the way for the Christian church as we know it today. The newsletter begins tomorrow, Friday, September 2—sign up now!

Faithful Through the Ages is drawn from Ruth Tucker’s Parade of Faith: A Biographical History of the Christian Church. It makes a great companion to our free Men of the Bible and Women of the Bible newsletters.

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