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Paying Tribute to John Stott

Since John Stott passed away earlier this week, many people have written moving reflections about the famous Christian teacher’s life and influence. Whether you’ve been following Stott’s writing and teaching for years or are just now getting to know about his ministry, you might find these memorial articles and tributes worthwhile.

First up is a short video from the Langham Partnership that outlines Stott’s life and ministry. It asks: “How did a man who lived his whole life within eight block of All Souls, the famous central London church he served for over 60 years, become the acknowledged worldwide leader of evangelicals for decades?”

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Stott’s influential book Basic Christianity, InterVarsity Press posted a video reflection on the book’s importance and appeal. It provides a good glimpse at why Stott’s writing resounded with so many readers:

InterVarsity Press (which published many of Stott’s works) has also posted a statement on Stott’s passing.

At Relevant Magazine, Tyler Wigg-Stevenson writes a moving tribute to Stott. Any Christian would be humbled and pleased to be remembered like this:

This is who John Stott was: a man so steeped in Scripture, as the revealed witness to the living Word of God, Jesus Christ, that it had become the very soil from which his thoughts grew—even in pain and infirmity. The New Testament is not ripe with advice for how Christians may grow old. But Uncle John was a living testament to the abundant harvest yielded by a daily sowing of prayer, generosity, kindness and humility, across decades.

On Wednesday, we pointed out pastor Mel Lawrenz’ reflection on Stott. Many other evangelical leaders are paying tribute to Stott’s memory this week. Stott’s work was personally important to many of us here at Bible Gateway as well.

If you aren’t familiar with Stott’s writing, we hope you’ll take some time this month to pick up one of his books—Basic Christianity is a good one to start with—and see for yourself what made this man such an beloved leader in the evangelical world.

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