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Cakchiquel Occidental version now online

Last week we added the Mam version to the Bible Gateway’s collection of online Bibles. Today we’ve added another new version, this one also from the Mayan language family: the Cakchiquel Occidental version.

The Cakchiquel Occidental was translated by Wycliffe Bible Translators, who describe it like this:

Cakchiquel Occidental is one of 50+ Mayan languages still spoken in Guatemala today. The Western Cakchiquel language is spoken by 77,000 speakers in the highlands area of Guatemala, 80 miles west of Guatemala City. Most of the towns surround beautiful Lake Atitlan, a region where many Indian men still conserve their traditional dress. In the principal town of Solola, the government has allowed a parallel Indian mayoral structure with the official government mayoralty.

Here’s John 3:16 in the Cakchiquel Occidental Bible:

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