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Become a Bible Gateway sponsor!

Looking for a unique way to support the Bible Gateway? You can now become a sponsor of the Bible Gateway, and help us make the Word of God available to millions of people each month!

What does Bible Gateway sponsorship involve? It’s easy—sign up at the sponsorship site, choose which day you want to sponsor, and for your entire chosen day, you (or your organization/website) are prominently acknowledged on the Bible Gateway as the day’s sponsor (in the “Today’s Sponsor box on the left).

Bible Gateway sponsorship starts at $250 per day of sponsorship. (The normal cost is $400—but for a limited time while we introduce the sponsorship program, we’re offering it at a reduced price.) Your sponsorship is tax deductible, and helps us impact millions of visitors by making the Word of God freely available in dozens of languages.

If the Bible Gateway is a ministry you’re excited about, take advantage of this opportunity to publicly support it by sponsoring the Bible Gateway for one or more days! Head over to to learn more, or to become a Bible Gateway sponsor!

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