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Blog / Searching the Bible Gateway from your browser

Searching the Bible Gateway from your browser

We’ve talked in the past about different ways to add a Bible Gateway search utility to your web browser. Today, we’ll look at yet another way. This method has the advantage of not requiring you to download or install any new software–the feature is built right in to your browser!

If you’re using recent versions of either Firefox or Internet Explorer (IE 7; this may not work with earlier versions of IE) as your web browser, you’ll note that by default, there is a search box located in the upper right corner of the browser window. Here’s how to add the Bible Gateway to that search box, so that you can search for Bible verses right from the search window.

It’s really quite easy. Just go to the Bible Gateway site. Then, if you’re using IE, click on the little down-arrow to the right of the search box, then click on Add Search Providers –> Bible Gateway, like such:

Add BG to IE

A popup window will ask you if you want to make the Bible Gateway your default search or not. We’ll leave that choice up to you. Either way, you’re all set–the BG has now been added to your available search engines, and you can search for verses right from the search box.

If you’re using Firefox, the process is quite similar, although the arrangement of the search window is slightly different. It should look something like this:

Add BG to Firefox

Note that this is a new BG feature that we’re trying out, and it may have some rough edges. Use at your own risk, and if you have any feedback (positive or negative), feel free to let us know.

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