Get in the Habit of Daily Bible Reading with the “40 Days with God” Reading Plan

Back at the beginning of Lent, we encouraged Bible Gateway visitors to consider spending a few minutes each day during Lent just reading the Bible. We believe strongly that if you can stick with an activity for a few weeks, it will settle into a habit—and that there’s no better habit you can form than reading Scripture regularly.

So here we are at the end of Lent. How did you do? Did you try to spend time each day in God’s Word? If so, were you successful?

Maybe you stuck with it throughout Lent; or maybe you didn’t—but either way, we hope you got a taste of the joy of Scripture reading. So now that Lent is done… what next?

We’ve launched a new 40-day reading plan specifically to pick up where our Lent reading plan left off: 40 Days with God: A Daily Reading for Personal Growth. It’s a series of short 40 daily Bible readings, chosen from throughout the Bible, with the goal of deepening your knowledge of and love for God. It uses The Voice Bible, which we’ve discussed at length here on the blog; we think you’ll find The Voice’s included commentary and other features to be a useful part of the reading experience. It starts on April 1, the day after Easter.

40 Days with God: A Daily Reading for Personal Growth is a particularly good reading plan to try out if you’re either new to the Bible or are just starting out along the path of daily Bible reading. The daily readings are short and manageable, and The Voice translation is a very readable Bible with very useful study features.

There are two ways to access 40 Days with God: A Daily Reading for Personal Growth:

  1. Sign up to have it emailed to you each morning; to do that, visit our Newsletters page, check the box next to 40 Days with God, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to provide your email address.
  2. If you prefer to read it online, you can also find 40 Days with God: A Daily Reading for Personal Growth in our online library of reading plans—just bookmark the daily reading page and visit it each day.

If you’re trying to cultivate a habit of daily Bible reading, we’ve put this together for you! We hope you find this new reading plan to be a useful part of your day.

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