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Bible Gateway Blogger Grid (BG²) is an international network of independent bloggers who meaningfully blog—and who are serious—about matters relating to the Bible. Follow the members on Twitter using our BG² List.

With the hashtag #bgbg2, BG² reflects a broad array of blogs: from mommy bloggers to authors to speakers to pastors to seminaries to Bible professors and others, writing from North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Below is the title list of blogs that are on the Grid. (The views expressed by member blogs do not necessarily reflect those of Bible Gateway.) Let us know if you’re a blogger who’d like to receive an invitation to join BG².

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Type Blogger Name (Twitter Handle)
# 365 DAYS of PRAISE (@debbietwilliams)
843 Acres (The Park Forum)
A Abbie Reviews (@AbbieRiddle)
Abnormal Anabaptist (@tristaanogre)
Abounding Wisdom (@KarinPeavy)
Agog4God (@Agog4God) (@alanrud)
Aleysha’s Lifestyle Café (@AleyshaProctor)
Allan R. Bevere: Faith Seeking Understanding (@arbevere)
Allen White’s Blog (@allenwhite)
Amelia Rhodes (@amrhodes)
Amy Carroll (@amycarrollp31)
Amy Simpson (@aresimpson)
Anchoring Hearts in Hope (@CheriGregory)
Andrea’s Nest (@andreasnest)
Ann Spangler’s blog (@annspangler)
Anne Marie Miller: Faith, Creativity, Writing, Hope (@girlnamedanne)
Anthony Delaney (@anthonydelaney)
Apprentice2Jesus (@cdanielthompson)
April Yamasaki—on faith & writing (@SacredPauses)
Aspiring to Be… (@DiannaAuton)
Attempts at Honesty Christian Blog (@mhmcintyre)
Authentic Light (@authenticlight)
B Ballpublications, Sharing Christ (@ballpublication)
Bareknuckle Bible (@BareknuckleJohn)
Beautifully Broken (@rutherford1975)
Ben Simpson (@bsimpson)
Beth Anne’s Best (@BethAnnesBest)
Beth Beutler / H.O.P.E. Unlimited (@bethbeutler)
The Bible Bookshelf Blog (@bible_bookshelf)
Bible Junkies (@biblejunkies)
Bible Love Notes (@gailpurath)
Bible People (@MaryHSayler)
Bible Prayers (@MaryHSayler)
Bible Reviewer (@MaryHSayler)
Bible Snippets (@biblesnippets) (@SamTONeal)
Biblical Studies and Technological Tools (@mgvh)
Biblical Theology (@DocHarmon)
The BIGBible Project (@bigbible)
Bite Size Bible Study (@gailpurath)
Blessed are the Poor: Reflections on the Kingdom of God (@gpatrickhubbard)
Blessed Quietness (@harpsaregreat)
Bob on Books: Reflections on Books, Reading and Life
Bobi Ann Allen (@bobiann)
Bonnie J. Wallace (@LiveLikeYouKnow)
Brad Andres – Inspired Thinking (@BradAndres) – Author, Pastor, Speaker (@BrianJonesBlog)
Bridget Willard (@gidgey)
Bring BREAD (Blogging the Book)
Britta Lafont, Everyday Holiness (@BrittaLafont)
Bronwyn’s Corner (@bronleatweets)
The Brook Network (@MelLawrenz)
Brown Paper & Strings (@bpaperstrings) (@bbibb)
Bryony Taylor: on a journey sharing my passion for love, life, faith (@vahva)
The Burner Blog (@theburnerblog)
Burning Fire Shut Up In My Bones
By His Grace, For His Glory (@ReneeMyers3)
By The Book (@BeckieByTheBook)
C Caleb Breakey (@CalebBreakey) (@cnieuwhof)
Celeta’s Journey (@celeta_c)
Changed Living (@changedliving)
Chasing Supermom (@chasingsupermom)
Christ Centered Home Magazine (@cchmag2011)
The Christian Arts Connection (@christianarts)
Christian Book Notes (@ChristBookNotes)
Christian Development (@matttague)
Christian First (@davebuller)
Christian Haiku: The 17-Syllable Devotional (@christianhaiku)
Christian Healing Arts (@MaryHSayler)
Christian Leadership Alliance: Higher thinking. (@CLALeader)
Christopher Hudson: Read Engage Apply (@ReadEngageApply)
ChurchTechToday (@ChurchTechToday)
Clarice James (@ClariceGJames)
Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power (@ChicklitPower)
The Colossians Project (@kellyadkins)
Come Have a Peace (@JulieSanders_)
Comments on Christianity (@ComChristianity and @JasonNeilSoto)
Common Denominator (@kenschenck)
Connecting Biblical Scholarship to the Church (@Lanier_Greg)
Contemplations of the Heart, Dwellings of the Mind (@hasbell)
Cooling Twilight (@coolingtwilight)
Counter Culture (@aaronprill)
Counting My Blessings (@BlessingCounter)
Courageous Christian Father (@ChristianBlogR)
Craig T. Owens (@craigtowens)
D The Daily Message Devotional (@DarinCSmith2)
Daily Radio Bible (@hunterbarnes)
Daniel in the Lions’ Den (@danielhayward)
Daniel O. McClellan (@maklelan)
DashHouse (@DashHouse)
Deep Imprints (@kimmartinez)
Deeply Rooted in Him (@ShellySorem)
DelightfulMomStuff (@DelightfulMom)
Dena’s Devos (@dena_cyd)
DESTINY Blog (@DoreenMLecheler)
Devotional Diva (@devotionaldiva)
Digging The Word (@diggingtheword)
Domestic Serenity (@DanieAtDomestic)
Donna Jones: Helping Women Find and Follow God (@donnajonesspeak)
Dr. Claude Mariottini — Professor of Old Testament (@DrMariottini)
Dust (@drmacdonald)
E Echo-Christ (@MikeMonica1)
Eidos (@jmnr)
Emerging Scholars Network Blog (@esnivcf)
Emily C. Heath (@calledoutrev)
Empowering Missional (@jshiebert)
Enjoying The Journey (@AngelaBley)
Equippers Network (@Equipper)
Eric Speir: Life & Leadership by the Book (@ericspeir)
Essential Thing Devotions (@essentialmel)
Evangel-vision (@bgcevangelism) (@EvangelismCoach)
Everyday Truth (@ldfairc)
Evidential Faith
Executing Ideas (@AdamJeske)
F Faith, Life and Compassion (@tummato)
Faithful Choices (@PaulaWhidden)
FaithGateway (@FaithGateway)
Falling into Peace(s): Reflections on grace, letting go & imperfection (@Heatherrig)
Feels Like Home (@TaraZiegmont)
Filled to the Fullness of God (@TaraD_)
Finding Grace (@bbhonline)
Finding Harmony Blog (@FableMom)
Finding Sudha (@BFGoodridge)
Fliterary (@fliterary)
Flowing Faith (@flowingfaith)
Flying Like An Eagle (@SoaringEagle91)
For His Glory Alone (@lovehisglory)
For the Display of His Splendor (@dalynnrmc)
Free Inductive Bible Study Lessons (@BibleSEO)
G Galatians 4:19 (@allenwhite)
Gigglingkids (@Gigglingkids)
Glimpsed Glory (@glimpsedglory)
Glynnis Whitwer (@glynniswhitwer)
God Sends Me Hearts (@GodSendsHearts)
God’s Surprising Treasures (@CindyBarclay)
Godly Girls For God (@Ggirls4God)
Godspace (@ChristineSine)
Good Question (@GoodQuestBlog)
Gordon-Conwell Voices (@gordonconwell)
Gospel-Centered Discipleship (@GCDiscipleship)
GRACELEPEEP (@gracelepeep)
H Hanging Off The Wire (@callansmama)
Heart Language (@edlauber)
Heaven and Earth (@FrPaulofLynn)
Holly Barrett: Reclaiming a Redeemed Life (@hollysbarrett)
Home with the Boys (@homewiththeboys)
Homemaking Through the Church Year
The HOPE Coach (@JoAnnFore)
HopeHeartHome (@Hopeful50)
I I Am Believing God (@jillpottsjones)
I Give God All The Glory (@givegodallglory)
I Love Devotionals (@wendyvaneyck)
The Identity Project (@kristenlevensen)
illuminate (@chris10price)
In a Mirror Dimly (@edcyzewski)
In the Neighborhood of Holy (@mattlipan)
In the Shadow of Circumstance (@Ggirls4God)
Into Thy Word (@intothyword)
Ironstrikes (@drwaymanPhD)
J Jaimie Bowman / Ministry & Motherhood (@jmebowman)
Jeff (@randleman)
Jen Underwood (@JennifUnder)
Jennifer Dukes Lee (@dukeslee)
Jennifer Kaufman Online (@jnkaufman)
Jennifer Lambert (@JenALambert)
jeremybouma: faith, life, & everything in between (@bouma)
Jesus Creed (@scotmcknight)
Jill’s Purpose Driven Life (@jillpottsjones)
John Wylie (@johnwylie)
John’s Ramblings (@johnramblings)
Jolene Underwood (@Faith_Eyes)
a Journal of Missional Living (@SharonRHoover)
The Journey Deeper (@dead_broken)
A Journey to God (@Seekermama)
Joy Pedrow: the joy in the journey (@JoyPedrow)
JoyMoms (@danabailey)
jumpintotheword (@
K Kevin Halloran’s Blog (@
Kimberly Majeski (@kimberlymajeski)
KindlingWord (@KindlingWord)
The Koala Bear Writer (@koalabearwriter)
Krista Dalton (@KristaNDalton)
Kyle McDanell (@mcdanell99)
L A Lady’s Guide to the Christian Life (@Allison_Gentry)
Laura V. Hilton (@Laura_V_Hilton)
Leading From Your Strengths (@Insights_Intl)
Leah DiPascal (@LeahDiPascal)
Leanne Penny (@leannepenny)
Learning Table (@learningtable)
Led By The Word (@LedByTheWord)
Len Wilson (@Len_Wilson)
Life & Ministry (@wjcollier3)
Life and Building (@bartonkyle)
Life in ministry, Life with kids, Life with Jesus (@DaniChristy)
Life is a Journey (@billmounce)
Life is Hope (@DJamesMax)
Life, Gratitude, Faith, & Passion (@derekmaul)
Life, Love and the Human Condition (@livelovethinkex)
Lifestyle of Worship (@bettydadzie)
Lighthouse Academy (@Laura_V_Hilton)
Lindsey Bell: Faith and Family (@LindseyMBell)
Lisa Buffaloe (@lisabuffaloe)
Little Lightbulbs (@ltllightbulbs)
Live Bold – Fueling your faith. Empowering your life. (@liveboldnow)
Living in the Sweet Spot (@kimberlyamici)
Living Joyfully Free (@livingjoyfullyf)
Living With Eternal Perspective (@JamyWhitaker)
Living With Faith (@livingbelief)
Liz Curtis Higgs (@LizCurtisHiggs)
the long way home | Prodigal Paul (@PaulBurkhart_)
Luma Simms (@lumasimms)
Lutheran Confessions (@Schnekloth)
Lynn Mosher/Heading Home (@lynnmosher)
M The M.O.M. Initiative (@themominitiativ)
Making It Real Ministries (@LauraNaiser)
Mark Braye’s Blog (@markbraye)
markpowellwired (@markpowellwired)
The Master’s Link (@cbagagliawood)
The Master’s Table (@clarkjbunch)
Melissa Mashburn—Real Women. Real Life. Real Faith. (@Mels_World)
Mere Thoughts (@jhong84)
Metromonk: Like and Faith (@metromonk)
Michael Wear (@MichaelRWear)
Moleskine Disciples (@bryandupuis)
MomStart (@momstart)
More Christ (@KW_Leslie)
More to Be: Impacting Teens, Influencing Moms, Inspiring Mentors (@elisapulliam)
The Mosaic Life (@leeanngtaylor)
Mosaic Momma (@HeatherHilscher)
Mother of Three (@MomMcIlwain)
My Life As Lori (@MyLifeAsLori)
My Perspective (@jasonenorris)
N Near Emmaus (@brianleport)
nicole unice (@nicoleunice)
No End to Books (@NoEndToBooks)
No More Band-aids (@stepheewilkins)
Not Ashamed of the Gospel (@petenaotg)
O On the Vine (@tonijenschke)
OneThingAlone (@asheritah)
Only A Breath (@MelanieAnneTN)
Our Little Corner of the World (@YvonneLReynolds)
Our Simple Kinda Life (@simplelife4Him)
Outside The Camp (@JoeyZorina)
P Pamela Black (@pmblack4)
Passionately Leading Women to the Heart of God in the Day to Day (@AngieBeaver_DDM)
Pastor Matt (@PastorMattR)
Pastoral Musings (@pastoralmusings)
Patricia Raybon: Writing in the Word (@PatriciaRaybon)
Paul C Maxwell (@paulcmaxwell)
A Peculiar Prophet (@WillimonTweets)
Pencilled Daydream (@ashleybaker02)
Phil Cooke: The Change Revolution (@philcooke)
Ponderings on a Faith Journey (@drbobcwcc)
postmodernbible (@pmphillips)
Practical Theology for Women (@wendyalsup)
Promises Financial Coaching (@promisesfc)
Pure Purpose (@susanhlawrence)
Purposeful Pathway (@caroline_gavin)
Q The Quiet Place (@TQPRest)
Reading Acts (@plong42)
Renee Fisher (@reneejfisher)
RESOLUTE (@be_resolute)
The Resounding Declaration (@w84harpazo & @Job31Min)
Rethinking My Thinking (@Rethinkingme)
Rev. Brent L. White (@brentlwhite) (@revtrev) (@robhoskins)
Royal Little Lambs (@JenALambert)
S salternlite (@martinsalter80)
Salvaged Faith (@pastorkatie)
Sam Hailes (@samhailes)
sat n all that (@jacksdavie)
The Saved Life (@Kris_Burd)
Second Wind (@christian61088)
Seedbed (@OfficialSeedbed)
Seek: A Woman’s Guide to Meeting God (@donnajonesspeak)
The Seminary Blog (@theseminaryblog)
Servants of Grace (@DaveJJenkins & @servantsofgrace)
Seven whole days (@scottagunn)
Shades of Grace (@NatalieGNichols)
Sharon Glasgow (@sharonglasgow)
Sharon Jaynes (@sharonjaynes)
Sheridan Voysey (@sheridanvoysey)
Simply Katherine (@klimanjaya)
SimplyME (@VeronicaHerzing)
Sister Mary Dandelion (@SisterMaryDande)
Soaring With Him Ministries (with Patricia Holbrook) (@PatHolbrook)
The Sojourner Chronicles (@cwalteroverman)
Soliloquium (@gavinortlund)
Spiritually Grounded (@GrowInSpirit)
Stacey Thureen (@StaceyThureen)
Stephanie Raquel: Leading Women Who Lead Women (@stephraquel)
Stephen M. Miller’s Bible Blog (@StephenMMiller_)
Strange Christianity (@dollabillsay)
Strength For the Soul (@CindiMcMenamin)
Surpassing Greatness (@smeledeo)
Sustain Me: Notes on Cancer (@sharondoconnor)
Suzanne Eller, Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker and author (@suzanneeller)
T TacticalChristianity (@tacticalbelief)
Talk Kindness To Me (@janeanderson)
Targuman (@Targuman)
Teddy Ray: Theology, Ministry & Life with God (@tedray80)
Theological Musings (@catfishjim)
Think Eternity (@evangelistmatt)
Thinking Through Christianity (@ThinkThroughIt)
Thirsting For God (@joshtetelestai)
This Beautiful Inheritance (@kelciehuff)
This is Eric Case: Faith, Creativity and Collaborative Leadership (@ericcase)
Thomas E. McDaniels (@thomasmcdaniels)
Thomas L Horrocks (@thomaslhorrocks)
Thoughts in the Dark (@hamiltonmj1983)
Thoughts on Life, Faith, and Worldviews (@prahlowjacob)
Threads from Henry’s Web (@hneufeld)
Through Clouded Glass (@CallieNicole7)
Tracie Miles, Inspiring Women To Live Intentionally For Christ (@traciewmiles)
Transformed (@HeatherBleier)
The Twin Falls Mommy (@TFMomExaminer)
The Two Cities (@TheTwoCities)
U Unveiled Wife (@unveiledwife)
Useful Breath
V The Vicar Speaks (@rockstarvicar)
Virtual Chapel (@revthrash)
VisionHub – (Run With The Vision) (@Lactemps)
The Voyages (@tim_bertolet)
W Weekly Monday Posts (@ahwministries & @ThompsonDearGod)
Welcome to My World (@mikeebutcher)
A Well-Watered Garden (@AnneKristy)
What the Bible Says About Love (@MaryHSayler)
Wildflower Faith (@JBenlienReeves)
William A. Ross: Old Testament and Septuagint Studies (@WilliamARoss27)
Windy London (@windy_london)
Winter Speaks (@harriswinter)
Wise Women Raising Wiser Daughters (@LynnCowell)
Word for Today (@SallyGarwood)
The Word for Word Bible Comic Blog (@WforWBibleComic)
A Word of Encouragement (@Laura_Poole)
Words For The Kingdom (@jesselbarnett)
Words Half Heard
Work in Progress (aren’t we all) (@rutheverhart)
Writing Canvas (@MamaofaDozen)
Y YUMMommy (@yummommies)
Z Zweibach and Peace (@PandaMennoDeb)
Zwinglius Redivivus (@drjewest)