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Blog / Mam language Bible now available

Mam language Bible now available

We’ve added a new Bible version to the Bible Gateway today—the Mam, Comitancillo Central version (MVC). It’s one of many Mayan languages still spoken today.

The Mam people, who trace their lineage back to the Mayan civilization, live as subsistence farmers in the northern highlands of Guatemala on the border with Mexico. The Mam tried to keep their language secret for years, but today the language is spoken with pride.

Here’s what John 3:16 looks like in the Mam language:

You can access the MVC Bible through the Bible Gateway version drop-down selector. If you’re interested in further reading, Wikipedia has a short article about the Mam language and a more extensive article about the Mayan language family, of which Mam is a part.

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