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The Bible Gateway App is Now Available for iPhone

You can now get the Bible Gateway app for your iPhone! The app is now available for both iPhone and iPad, with an Android version coming soon. Continue reading

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Announcing Bible Gateway for iPad

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Bible Gateway App for iPad! Continue reading

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Adding a Bible Gateway Link to your iPhone’s Home Screen

Want to access Bible Gateway on your iPhone? In just a few simple steps you can add Bible Gateway to your iPhone’s home screen. Once you’ve added it, it functions much like an app: tapping on the Bible Gateway button … Continue reading

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Is there a Bible Gateway iPhone app?

Many of you have written to ask us if there is an official Bible Gateway app for the iPhone (or other mobile device)…. Continue reading

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Bible Gateway mobile use peaks during Sunday church services

When and where do you use the Bible Gateway mobile site? According to recent Bible Gateway statistics, for a lot of you the answer is “during Sunday morning church services”! Continue reading

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Take the Bible Gateway with you at mobile.biblegateway.com

Now you can take the Bible Gateway with you wherever you go! We’ve added a new smallscreen-friendly site for use with your iPhone, BlackBerry, or other internet-capable mobile device: mobile.biblegateway.com. Continue reading

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