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Balancing Life, Faith, and Relationships: “Boundaries” and “His Princess Every Day” Begin on Valentine’s Day!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got two brand new email devotionals that both focus on balancing life, faith, and relationships! The new devotionals are Boundaries and His Princess Every Day; both begin this Friday, February 14 (Valentine’s Day!). … Continue reading

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The Light of the World (Guest Post by Annie Downs)

What does it mean to the “light of the world”? Annie Downs, author of Speak Love and other books, shares her thoughts. Continue reading

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What Does it Mean to be “Bible-minded”?

What does it mean to be “Bible-minded”? That term has seen a lot of use in the last week (including by us) in discussions of American Bible Society’s survey of America’s most “Bible-minded” cities. (As followers of our blog know, … Continue reading

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The Bible Gateway App Gets a New Look for iOS 7

The Bible Gateway app has gotten a complete visual makeover! We’ve updated the app to correspond with the look and feel of iOS 7. The updated app has a slimmer, cleaner, and more intuitive design that fits in visually with … Continue reading

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The Bible and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today is Martin Luther king, Jr. Day in the U.S.—a holiday dedicated to the memory of the influential civil rights activist and preacher. Because King understood the struggle for civil rights to be a spiritual as well as political crusade, … Continue reading

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When Reading the Bible Becomes a Chore: Six Ways to Keep Your Bible Reading on Track This Year

Should Christians read through the Bible in one year? Christianity Today recently asked some prominent Christian leaders and thinkers whether that’s a good idea. Here’s how Bible Gateway’s general manager Rachel Barach answered: “What’s important is regularly listening to God … Continue reading

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Three Reasons That Bible Reading is Down in an Age of Easy Bible Access

Peter Enns has an interesting post up identifying the three biggest reasons that people aren’t reading the Bible as much in churches, based on information he learned at a recent conference. Here’s an abbreviated list of the three reasons he … Continue reading

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Bible Summary: See the Big Picture of the Bible

In 2010, Chris Juby began tweeting summaries of every chapter in the Bible. We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with him to retweet his entire Bible Summary project at @biblegateway, and to share some of his insights on the … Continue reading

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NASB and Two Spanish Bibles Added to our Verse of the Day

Although we mentioned this along with some of our other New Year announcements, it seems worth calling special attention to three recent additions to our Verse of the Day—two of them Spanish! Our daily Verse of the Day email is … Continue reading

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Tell Your Family History (Guest Post by Bruce Feiler)

How well do you know your family history? How far back can you trace it? Is there practical value in knowing your family’s story? One of my family members has been delving into our family’s history, and compiling the stories … Continue reading

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