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What’s the Place of the Bible in American Christianity? Surprising Results from a New Survey

There have been quite a few surveys in recent years looking to better understand the ways that American Christians do and don’t put their personal faith into practice. Every time I hear of a new survey, I never know if … Continue reading

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New Rick Warren and Max Lucado Email Devotions Join Our Easter Library

How is your Lent journey coming along? If you made a Lent commitment of some sort, have you been able to stick to it, or has it been a struggle? If you haven’t noticed, we’ve made two new additions to … Continue reading

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Do the Biblical Accounts of Easter Contradict Each Other?

Is the Bible full of contradictions? At some point every Bible reader, whether they’re a skeptic or a believer, must come to terms with perceived differences and contradictions in the Bible text. And these questions naturally assume a particular urgency … Continue reading

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Your Light (Guest Post by Annie Downs)

This is the fourth and final post in a series; in part 3, Annie discussed what it means to be a “lamp on a stand.” When you look in the mirror, what do you say? No, that’s not a typo. … Continue reading

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What Twitter is Giving Up for Lent

Are you giving up something for Lent? So are thousands of Twitter users—and Stephen Smith has crunched the data to show us the top 100 things Twitter users are giving up during Lent. Here are the top twenty, followed by … Continue reading

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Are You Ready for Lent?

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent! In many Christian traditions, Ash Wednesday is a day of reflection and repentance. You might even see a few people tomorrow with the symbol of the cross drawn on their foreheads in … Continue reading

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Just in Time for Lent: Our Easter Devotions Are Here

Lent is coming! The season of Lent—the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday—begins next week on Ash Wednesday, March 5. Christians around the world, from many different theological traditions, observe Lent in a variety of ways. Some commit to daily … Continue reading

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How To Listen to the Bible on Bible Gateway

There’s something special about hearing the Bible read aloud. Every Sunday, millions of Christians around the world listen to Scripture read out loud from a church pulpit. Many people read the Bible aloud at the dinner table or recite their … Continue reading

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A Lamp On A Stand (Guest Post by Annie Downs)

This is the third post in a series; in part 2, Annie discussed what it means to be a “city on a hill.” I have too many lamps in my house. I love the soft warm light that lamps put … Continue reading

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Five Bible Passages That Show Us What True Love Looks Like

Whatever your plans for Valentine’s Day, take a minute to reflect on these five powerful Bible verses that explain what true love looks like. Continue reading

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