Reminder: Download the Complete NIV in the Bible Gateway App

There’s just over five days left to download the complete New International Version of the Bible on the Bible Gateway app!

To help you make Bible reading a habit in 2013, Zondervan and Biblica have made the complete NIV available to download through January 21. This also coincides with the launch of the new Once a Day Bible Promises email devotional, and is aimed at helping you make Bible reading an important and fulfilling part of your everyday routine.

There’s still a few days left in which to download the NIV. To do so, download the Bible Gateway app for iOS and tap the “download” icon next to the NIV. (This download is only available in the iOS app.) There’s no catch or gimmick behind it–so give the app a try, download the NIV, and start making Bible reading a part of your daily routine!

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