New Poll: Which Gospel Account Do You Connect with the Most?

Our poll last week asked whether or not you attend church when you’re travelling. Here’s how you responded:

Do you attend church when you’re traveling or vacationing?

I attend any Biblical church I can find – 40% (562 Votes)

No, usually not – 37% (512 Votes)

I attend church only if I can find one that belongs to my home church’s denomination or theological persuasion – 19% (259 Votes)

I make a point of attending a church outside my home church’s denomination or theological persuasion – 4% (65 Votes)

It’s good to see that most people take time to visit a church when they’re on the road, although I have to admit that I sympathize with the 37% of you who choose to take a break. I know that I appreciate my home church all the more when I’ve been away for a Sunday here and there.

This week’s question shifts the focus back to your personal Bible reading habits:

Which Gospel account do you connect with the most?

  • John (57%, 1,146 Votes)
  • Matthew (20%, 401 Votes)
  • Luke (18%, 371 Votes)
  • Mark (5%, 93 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,009

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When you pick up your Bible to read about the life of Jesus, do you find yourself gravitating towards Matthew, Mark, Luke or John? Vote above or on the right side of the page. As usual, we’ll tally up the results in a week. Have a great weekend!

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