Doubt, contradictions, and the problem of evil: responding to Bart Ehrman

If you follow the world of Bible apologetics, chances are you’ve heard of Bart Ehrman. Ehrman is an evangelical-turned-agnostic New Testament scholar whose books (Misquoting Jesus and others) have put forward a variety of challenges to orthodox Christian beliefs about the history and authority of the Bible.

Ehrman’s approachable debating and writing style (as opposed to the over-the-top rhetoric that characterizes many prominent atheist writers) has prompted many responses from Christian apologists and theologians. One such response takes the form of a new website called the Ehrman Project, and it showcases responses from many different Christian theologians to specific issues raised by Ehrman.

Here’s a sample—”Are the New Testament texts reliable?”

Other videos respond to common questions—raised by Ehrman but certainly not unique to him—about the “problem of evil,” the formation of the Bible canon, and contradictions in the Bible. If these are questions that have troubled you, or if you’re just curious to see a set of polite and reasonable responses to Ehrman, it’s worth investigating.

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