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Here are videos to watch on the Bible Gateway Blog during Eastertide, the season of 50 days before Pentecost Sunday:

British actor David Suchet reading about the resurrection of Jesus from the award-winning Jesus Storybook Bible (Zonderkidz, 2007). WATCH NOW

See these brief videos of dramatic readings from the four Gospels of the Easter story. WATCH NOW

Watch this touching stop-action video by Patti Rokus, author of He Is Risen: Rocks Tell the Story of Easter (Zonderkidz, 2019). It shows “rocks crying out” presenting the story of the Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples in the upper room. WATCH NOW


NRSV: God’s Word and Future Generations


In this video, Dr. Will Willimon, professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry, Duke Divinity School, shares his fond memory when he first read the Bible story of God calling Samuel.



The season of Easter runs until Pentecost Sunday, June 9.. Browse the Easter Resources section in the Bible Gateway Store.

The USA National Day of Prayer is May 2.. Browse the Prayer Resources section in the Bible Gateway Store.

Mother's Day is May 12. Browse the Gifts for Mothers section in the Bible Gateway Store.


BLOG SERIES: John Maxwell Profiles in Leadership: Joseph – It Starts With A Dream


This leadership study in the life of Joseph – the 11th in the weekly series on the Bible Gateway Blog – is one of the 120 “Profiles in Leadership” lessons in The Maxwell Leadership Bible / Third Edition.


Grace Beautifies the Broken Road


Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts and author of Shotgun Angels: My Story of Broken Roads and Unshakable Hope (Zondervan, 2019), says, "Grace covers you. It carries you. It helps heal you when you’ve fallen. Grace beautifies the broken road. You and I—we’re flawed, broken, and screwed up, but it doesn’t matter. Once you accept Jesus as your Savior, you’re sealed with his blood. And there’s nothing on this earth that can separate you from his love...."

God’s Creation Is Marvelous!


Stop and ponder the wonder of creation that surrounds you today. Read the Genesis creation account, watch this video, and remember that stewardship of God’s creation is an important part of our lives as Christ-followers

How to Live the Bible — Real Life and the Psalms


In this 59th lesson on how to live the Bible, pastor and author Dr. Mel Lawrenz, asks, “How should we read the Psalms with understanding? For one thing, we should read slowly and deliberately in order to take in the sights and sounds, taste, touch, and smell in which the truth of God is contained....” If you want to know how to live the Bible every day, read this installment of his series on our Blog and encourage your friends and followers to receive it by email.

Browse the Christian Living section in the Bible Gateway Store.

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A Study Bible that Weaves God’s Story Together for an Unraveling World


While the Bible is a collection of separate books and letters written over hundreds of years by multiple authors in different languages, it nevertheless presents one cohesive story of one majestic God from Genesis to Revelation. The new Storyline Bible (Zondervan, 2019), displays the big picture of God's work in the world.

Watch the Free Webcast with Bruce Miller this Tuesday on the ChurchSource Channel


Register now for ChurchSource's free 30-minute webcast April 30 at 3pm EDT with Bruce Miller, author of Leading a Church in a Time of Sexual Questioning (Thomas Nelson, 2019). The topic will be: How to Minister ina Sexually Diverse Culture. Get free downloads for signing up! Can’t make it? Sign up anyway and you'll be sent the recording after it's over.

How to Choose A Bible Translation Using the Expanded Bible


Learn how to use The Expanded Bible on Bible Gateway to compare Bible translations side-by-side to see multiple translating possibilities for scriptural words, phrases, and passages.

You're Invited to the Free Unwavering: Living With Defiant Joy Online Bible Study


In this free 6-session video Bible study beginning May 6, Stasi Eldredge, author of Defiant Joy: Taking Hold of Hope, Beauty, and Life in a Hurting World, invites you to actively participate with God to increase the joy in your life and become a woman who maintains a posture of holy defiance and who dares to live with expectant hope! Sign up NOW for the study and get the schedule, free downloads, and all the great bonuses!

Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, How to Have Joy No Matter What: An Interview with Stasi Eldredge.

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