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Learning the Promises of God One Day at a Time: An Interview with Jack Countryman


Times of change, trouble, or doubt can leave us looking for answers, wondering what God says about our situation. Millions have trusted Jack Countryman books based on the promises of God. Just in time for 2019, his first 365-day devotional—God's Promises® Every Day—brings encouragement and assurance through Scripture and writings about the promises God has for your life. Bible Gateway interviewed Jack Countryman about his book, God's Promises Every Day: 365 Day Devotional (Thomas Nelson, 2018).

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Kids Ask the Best Questions About God and the Bible: An Interview with Kathryn Slattery


Children ask such questions as, "How do I know the Bible is true?" "What does it mean when the Bible talks about the kingdom of God?" "How can God be three persons at the same time?" "Why couldn't Jesus just stay on Earth forever?" "What is baptism?" "Who invented time?" Bible Gateway interviewed Kathryn Slattery about her book, 365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids (Tommy Nelson, 2017).

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This is the Most Popular Verse In 2 Billion Pageviews During 2018 on Bible Gateway


See what the most popular Bible verse was out of 2 billion pageviews by visitors to Bible Gateway during 2018. Do you think you know what it is?

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Who Were the Magi?


The magi who visited Jesus were probably Persian or Arabian astrologers who charted the stars and attached religious significance to their movements. They were not kings, as is sometimes supposed.



Who Was Herod?


One of the central figures in the Christmas story is Herod the Great, who was king of the Jews when Jesus was born. Herod and his sons ruled Judea during Jesus’ life and ministry. But who was this man? And why was he so hostile to the news of the birth of Jesus?

Here’s One Strategy for Reading the Bible Without Distractions in 2019


When talking about distractions, many people—myself included—like to partly blame technology. But technology can also be our key to beating distractions.

This Year Select a Bible Reading Plan That’s Right for You


If you haven’t already determined to regularly and consistently read the Bible, RIGHT NOW is always the best time to make that decision. And you can always rely on Bible Gateway to provide you with a variety of resources to make it happen.

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Quiz: What Does the Bible Say About Celebrations?


Ring in the new year by having fun seeing what you know about the celebrations, feasts, and banquets mentioned in the Bible. Take this brief quiz to find out.

Infographic: The People, Places, and Timeline of the First Christmas


Back by popular demand is our Christmas “subway map” Infographic that shows the who-where-and-when of the Nativity when Jesus was born in Bethlehem.


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Spotlight: Names of God Bible (NOG)


This feature in Weekly Brief is intended to help you become aware of the plethora of Bible versions available for you to freely read on Bible Gateway. This week read:


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