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Bible Connection Podcast Launches


We're excited to present to you the Bible Connection Podcast (video and audio), where we talk about the Bible and how it connects to every facet of life. Our first episode focuses on the Atlanta Dream Center, founded in 2003 by Pastor Paul Palmer and his family. Following principles set forth in Scripture, the Atlanta Dream Center exists to reach the lost, rescue those in need, and restore the brokenhearted.


The Staggering Picture of Christian Persecution: An Interview with Johnnie Moore


Is your perspective on the state of the church worldwide too comfortable? What do you think when you hear about the astonishing escalation in Christian persecution in the 21st century? What should you be doing about it? Bible Gateway interviewed Johnnie Moore about his book, The Martyr's Oath: Living for the Jesus They're Willing to Die For (Tyndale House, 2017).


Life Hidden in the Word


In her book Jesus, Day by Day: A One-Year, Through-the-Bible Devotional to Help You See Him on Every Page (Multnomah, 2019), Sharon Kaselonis says, "The Bible is all about Jesus. He is the Word made flesh (John 1:14). So if we want to be Jesus people, we have to be Bible people. Consider Psalm 119 in this Bible Gateway Blog post....."



November 3 & 10 are the International Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. See books on the subject of Christian persecution in the Bible Gateway Store.

November 24th is International Day of the Bible. Browse the Bible section in the Bible Gateway Store.

November 28 is Thanksgiving in the USA. Browse the Thanksgiving section of resources in the Bible Gateway Store.


Why Are You Keeping Yourself So Busy?


Melissa Camara Wilkins, author of Permission Granted: Be Who You Were Made to Be and Let Go of the Rest (Zondervan, 2019), says, "Keeping busy creates days that are full, not days that are necessarily fulfilling. That’s not a journey, that’s a carousel...."


85 Biblical Allusions in Kanye West’s Album Jesus is King


Kanye West released his much-anticipated gospel album Jesus Is King October 25, 2019. On that date, people searched the Bible on Bible Gateway for the verses mentioned in the album’s song “Selah” (John 8:33 and John 8:36) about 10-times more than the normal search for those verses on previous dates. With that amount of interest in the album, here’s a list of Bible verses, and the songs they appear in, that can be inferred from the album’s lyrics.

Live in Grace, Walk in Love: The World Will Know What We Believe by Seeing What We Do


In this third of three weekly devotionals, Bob Goff, author of Live in Grace, Walk in Love Devotional (Thomas Nelson, 2019), says, "The moment we chase Bible knowledge at the expense of loving others, we’ve missed the point of Scripture...."

VIDEO: Pray for the Persecuted Church


Around the world, Christians will observe the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (#IDOP) on November 3 & 10, 2019. The term “persecuted Christians” refers to any person who is harassed or attacked simply because they identify as being a Christian. Examples of persecution faced by Christians include, but is not limited to, beatings, physical torture, confinement, isolation, rape, severe punishment, imprisonment, slavery, and discrimination in education and employment.

Disaster Averted! Read All About It!


How to Live The Bible — Finding the Way


In this 79th lesson on how to live the Bible, pastor and author Dr. Mel Lawrenz says, "When trying to discern the direction of your life, the answer is not so much “what,” but “who:” Jesus, the way, the truth, and the life...." If you want to know how to live the Bible every day, read this installment of his series on our Blog and encourage your friends and followers to receive it by email.

Browse the Christian Living section in the Bible Gateway Store.

Be Inspired by Biblical Stories of Gratitude


⁠In our annual Give Thanks free email devotional, we’ll send you a Scripture passage about gratitude twice a week throughout November, along with some reflection questions to help you focus on thankfulness during this festive season....

When Truth Invades Your Brokenness


⁠Recording artist Sandi Patty, author of The Voice: Listening for God’s Voice and Finding Your Own (Zondervan, 2018), says, "When you decide to step into God’s truth and to step away from the lies you always held as truth, your world is upended. For a bit. It’s confusing and it’s disarming. Sometimes we need a good dose of chaos to shake us out of our familiar ways and wake us up to see his truth. And that is exactly where my chaos led me. Jesus was making himself known to me on a whole new level...."

Fun in Learning: NIV Adventure Bible Polar Exploration Edition


Introduce your chidlren to an arctic adventure in the NIV Adventure Bible: Polar Exploration Edition (Zonderkidz, 2018). They'll meet all types of people, see all sorts of places, and learn all kinds of facts about the Bible. And most importantly they’ll grow closer in their relationship with God.

Watch Free Webcasts on Demand on the ChurchSource Channel


Reister NOW for ChurchSource's free 30-minute webcast December 3 with Gary Thomas, author of When to Walk Away: Finding Freedom from Toxic People (Zondervan, 2019). The topic will be: How to Deal with Toxic People in Ministry


Read the Bible Gateway Blog posts, How to Identify Toxic People: An Interview with Gary L. Thomas and Scripture’s Skeleton and the Reality of Evil

Join the I Give Up Online Bible Study with Laura Story


You're invited to join the I Give Up Online Bible Study with Grammy-winning singer/songwriter and Bible teacher Laura Story to discover the peace and joy that can be found in living a surrendered life. You'll get FREE access to Laura's five study videos, FREE downloads of the first chapters of the book, I Give Up: The Secret Joy of a Surrendered Life and study guide, printable Scriptures and affirmations, and other goodies!

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