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Remember how the Lord your God led you all the way. He guided you in the desert for these 40 years. He wanted to take your pride away. He wanted to test you to know what was in your hearts. He wanted to see whether you would obey his commands.
My God, I know that you tested our hearts. And you are pleased when we are honest. I’ve given all these things just because I wanted to. When I did it, I was completely honest with you. Your people here have also been willing to give to you. And I’ve been happy to see this.
New International Reader's Version (NIRV)

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AMUSEMENTS AND WORLDLY PLEASURES » Choke the word of God in the heart (Luke 8:14)
BETHABARA » John testifies to Christ's messiahship, and baptizes at ( John 1:28)
MILLSTONE » Figurative of a hard heart (Job 41:24)
PAUL » Is encouraged by a vision from God, promising him that he will give testimony in Rome (Acts 23:11)
PAUL » Summons the local Jewish leadership; states his position; is kindly received; expounds the gospel; testifies to the kingdom of heaven (Acts 28:17-29)
PRISONERS » Tortured to extort self-incriminating testimony (Acts 22:24)