Closing post from the Perspectives in Translation forum: the 5 most intriguing changes in the NIV

Last year, the Perspectives in Translation forum launched to provide a platform for discussing Bible translation issues. While the release of the updated NIV provided a context for those scholarly discussions, posts touched on many different Bible versions and translation questions.

This week marks the final regular update of the Perspectives in Translation forum, as its contributing scholars have returned to their regular teaching and writing duties. Collin Hansen, the forum’s editor, has written a closing post in which he lists the five most intriguing changes in the new NIV. (Most of those changes received discussion at the forum, so peruse the forum archives if you want to dig deeper into them.)

We’d like to publicly thank Collin, The Gospel Coalition, and each of the contributing scholars whose thoughtful posts made the forum a success—and everyone who took the time to post a comment there. If you didn’t follow the forum questions and discussions while they were posted, we encourage you to take a look—the forum may be going into hibernation, but the discussions aren’t going away. And Collin is leaving open the possibility of occasional future posts on specific topics, so if you have ideas for what you might like to see discussed there, stop by and leave a comment!

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