Chapter 20

Such plain dealing as Jeremiah used in the foregoing chapter, one might easily foresee, if it did not convince and humble men, would provoke and exasperate them; and so it did; for here we find, I. Jeremiah persecuted by Pashur for preaching that sermon, Jer. 20:1, 2. II. Pashur threatened for so doing, and the word which Jeremiah had preached confirmed, Jer. 20:3-6. III. Jeremiah complaining to God concerning it, and the other instances of hard measure that he had since he began to be a prophet, and the grievous temptations he had struggled with (Jer. 20:7-10), encouraging himself in God, lodging his appeal with him, not doubting but that he shall yet praise him, by which it appears that he had much grace (Jer. 20:11-13) and yet peevishly cursing the day of his birth (Jer. 20:14-18), by which it appears that he had sad remainders of corruption in him too, and was a man subject to like passions as we are.