The Tribulation in History (24:15-28)

Various New Testament passages seem to have reapplied Daniel's image of tribulation in different ways; but all agree in warning Christians to be vigilant when they face such testing. In contrast to the false prophets who till the end exhorted Jerusalemites to stand firm and expect sudden deliverance (Jos. War 6.285-86), Jesus warns his followers to accept the perils of this age and escape them when possible. Eusebius reports that the church in Jerusalem responded to true prophets and fled the city before its destruction came (Euseb. H.E. 3.5.3); probably Jesus' words had guided the Christian prophets to a realistic appraisal of the danger, in contrast to some other Jerusalemites. His words likewise may instruct believers facing peril today. They also remind us that judgments, persecution and other sufferings characterize life in this age, summoning us to yearn for our Lord's coming rather than to become complacent with this world.

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