8828 spite

8828 spite

The malicious desire to retaliate in words or action. It may be in response to good or evil. Believers are to rid themselves of any such vindictive spirit.

Examples of people acting out of spite

In response to good 1Ki 19:1-2 Jezebel; 2Ch 16:10 Asa, king of Judah; Est 3:6 Haman; Mt 14:3-12 pp Mk 6:17-29 Herodias; Jn 12:10 the chief priests Stephen’s persecutors: Ac 7:54,57-58

In response to evil Ps 140:3 See also Ge 27:41 Esau Joseph’s brothers: Ge 37:4,8,11,18-27
Eze 25:15 the Philistines; Ac 23:12-15 some Jews

Spite has no place in the lives of believers

Believers are to rid themselves of all spitefulness Eph 4:31 See also 1Co 5:8; Col 3:8; 1Pe 2:1

As a result believers are enabled not to retaliate against others Lev 19:18 See also Pr 20:22; Pr 24:29; Mt 5:38-40; Ro 12:17,19-21; 1Th 5:15; 1Pe 2:21-23; 1Pe 3:9

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