8769 idolatry, in OT

8769 idolatry, in OT

Scripture provides illustrations of idolatry from various periods in the history of the people of God. Idolatry is seen as a constant temptation for believers, especially in times of national or personal stress.

Idolatry among the Gentiles

Jdg 11:24; Jdg 16:23-24; 2Ki 5:18; Isa 36:18-20; Isa 37:38; Isa 46:1; Eze 8:14; Ac 14:11-13; 1Co 8:5

Idolatry among God’s people

In patriarchal times Jos 24:2 See also Ge 31:30,34 these household gods may have been either masks or statuettes; Ge 35:2

In the Mosaic period Ex 32:4

In the period of the judges Jdg 17:5 See also Jdg 10:6

In the early monarchy 1Ki 11:10 See also 1Ki 12:28 The golden calves were perhaps pedestals on which the Lord was thought to sit.

In the middle monarchy 1Ki 16:33 An Asherah pole was probably a crude carved wooden image of a Canaanite fertility goddess. See also 1Ki 11:7-8; 1Ki 16:32

In the late monarchy 2Ki 21:2-6

After the fall of Jerusalem Eze 8:10 See also Eze 8:3,14,16

Objects of false worship

The sun, moon and stars Dt 4:19 See also Dt 17:3; Job 31:26

Other objects of worship Dt 4:28 See also Dt 16:22 sacred stones; 1Ki 12:31 high places; Isa 1:29 oaks

Practices associated with idolatry

The burning of children 2Ki 23:10

The superstitious use of religious symbols 2Ki 18:4 See also Jdg 8:27 The ephod was a priestly garment sometimes subject to excessive veneration.

Sexual deviance Dt 23:17 See also 1Ki 14:24; Hos 4:14

See also

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7384household gods
7471temples, heathen
8747false gods
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