8608 prayer, and worship

8608 prayer, and worship

Worship is turning to God in awe, praise and joy, as his people realise how wonderful he is. Prayer is a natural part of worship: to know God is to want to worship him and pray to him.

Worship is a fundamental requirement of life

All nations are exhorted to worship God 1Ch 16:28-29 See also Ps 29:1-2; Ps 96:9

Israel is commanded to worship God 2Ki 17:36 See also Ps 95:6-7; Ps 99:4-5

Right attitudes in worship are imperative

Reverence and humility characterise acceptable worship Heb 12:28-29 See also Ps 5:7; Ps 95:6; Ps 138:2; Ecc 5:1

Honesty, without hypocrisy, characterises acceptable worship Am 5:21-24 See also Mt 15:7-9 pp Mk 7:6-7; Isa 29:13; Lk 18:9-14; Jn 4:24

Prayer can focus on different aspects of God’s character

Prayer can focus on God’s holiness Ex 15:11 See also Ps 77:13; Ps 96:9; Ps 99:5

Prayer can focus on God’s glory Ps 19:1-6 See also Ps 29:1-2; Ps 138:5; Ro 16:27; Php 4:20; Jude 25

Prayer can focus on God’s majesty Ps 104:1-4 See also Ps 8:1; Ps 76:4; Ps 96:4-6

Prayer can focus on God’s kingship Ps 97:1 See also Ps 9:7; Ps 22:3; Ps 93:1; Ps 95:3; Ps 102:12

Prayer can focus on God’s love and compassion Ps 103:1-18 See also Ps 111:4; Ps 118:1-4; Ps 145:17-20

Prayer can focus on God’s justice and righteousness Ps 97:2 See also Ps 7:17; Ps 9:8; Ps 97:6; Ps 111:3

Prayer can focus on God’s creative activity Ne 9:6 See also Ps 90:2; Ps 95:3-7; Ps 102:25-27; Ps 104:5-9,24-26

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