8220 courage, in facing enemies

8220 courage, in facing enemies

In the OT, courage is shown principally in the leading of God’s people against their enemies.

God commands his people to be courageous

Jos 1:6-9 The Lord to Joshua as he was about to lead the Israelites into Canaan. See also Jos 1:18; Jos 8:1; Jos 10:8; Jdg 7:9-11; 2Ch 20:15,17

Recommended by leaders

Dt 1:21 See also Dt 31:1-8; Jos 10:25; Jos 23:6; 2Sa 10:12; 2Ch 32:7

Seen in the behaviour of people of God

1Sa 17:32; Ac 4:13 See also Jos 1:10-11; Jos 14:12; 1Sa 14:6-7; 1Sa 17:45-47; Ac 13:44-47 Paul and Barnabas; Ac 19:8-10 Paul at Ephesus

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