7730 explanation

7730 explanation

The provision of the understanding of a dream, vision, parable, teaching or other matter, the meaning of which is less than obvious.

Examples of the explanation of dreams

By Joseph Ge 40:6-19; Ge 41:10-32

By Daniel Da 2:16,24,27-45; Da 5:12,17

By angels Da 7:15-18,23-27

Examples of the explanation of visions

By Gabriel Da 8:15-16

By an angel See also Zec 1:8-10,18-21; Rev 17:3-7,18

By Peter Ac 11:4-17

Jesus Christ gave his disciples explanations

Of his parables Mk 4:34 See also Mt 15:15-20 pp Mk 7:17-23; Mt 13:36-43

Of the Scriptures referring to himself and his relationship to his Father Lk 24:27 See also Jn 16:25,29-30

Of his suffering, death and resurrection Mt 16:21 pp Mk 8:31 pp Lk 9:22 See also Jn 4:25-26

The gospel was explained

By Peter, at Pentecost: Ac 2:14,16 By Philip: Ac 8:30-31,34-35 By Paul: Ac 17:2-3; Ac 28:23
Ac 18:24-26 by Aquila and Priscilla

Examples of other explanations

Jdg 14:12-17 The Philistines desperately wanted the answer to Samson’s riddle. Samuel forewarned Israel of the consequences of having a king: 1Sa 8:9; 1Sa 10:25 Solomon’s great wisdom enabled him to answer many questions and explain many things: 1Ki 4:29-34; 1Ki 10:1-3 pp 2Ch 9:1-2; Ne 8:7-8

See also

1403God, revelation

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