7551 Pharisees, beliefs of

7551 Pharisees, beliefs of

The Pharisees placed considerable emphasis upon the rigorous upholding of the law, particularly the traditional forms in which the law had been established by their predecessors.

Pharisaic interpretation of the law

Pharisees were the recognised custodians of the law Mt 23:1-3

Pharisees emphasised the traditions of the elders Mk 7:3-4 For the Pharisees the oral law, the traditions of their predecessors, had an authority equal to that of the written law. See also Mt 15:1-2 pp Mk 7:5; Gal 1:14

Pharisaic observance of the law

The Sabbath Mt 12:1-2 pp Mk 2:23-24 pp Lk 6:1-2 See also Lk 13:14

Fasting Mt 9:14 pp Mk 2:18 pp Lk 5:33 See also Lk 18:9-12

Tithing Mt 23:23 pp Lk 11:42

Pharisaic doctrine

Ac 23:6-9

Pharisaic proselytism

Mt 23:15

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