7251 pillar of cloud and fire

7251 pillar of cloud and fire

A physical manifestation of the presence of God among his people; a special form of theophany particularly associated with Israel being offered guidance on the exodus journey.

Functions of the pillar of cloud and fire

To lead Israel Ex 13:21-22 See also Ex 40:36-37; Nu 9:17; Nu 14:14; Ne 9:12,19

To separate and protect Israel from the armies of Egypt Ex 14:19-20 This was just before the crossing of the Red Sea.

To represent God’s presence, especially to Moses Ex 33:9 See also Nu 12:5-6; Dt 31:15-16; Ps 99:7

Effects of the pillar of cloud and fire

It evoked worship Ex 33:10

It caused the nations to speak of God Nu 14:14

Experiencing the cloud did not guarantee acceptance by God 1Co 10:1-5

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