6755 union with Christ, nature of

6755 union with Christ, nature of

The nature of the union of Jesus Christ with believers is explained using a number of central images. The NT stresses the reality, closeness and considerable benefits of this union.

A covenantal relationship

OT background Isa 54:5-8 The marriage covenant is used to illustrate the intimacy of the relationship between God and his people. See also Jer 3:14; Jer 31:32; Hos 2:7,16

In the NT Eph 5:31-32

A relationship deepened through the incarnation

Jn 1:14 See also Ro 8:3; 2Co 5:21; Gal 4:4; Php 2:7-8; 1Ti 3:16; Heb 2:14-18

A relationship personally entered through faith

Jn 3:16 See also Jn 1:12; Jn 2:11; Jn 7:38; Ac 16:31; Ro 3:22; Ro 8:1; Ro 10:9-10; 2Co 5:17; Gal 2:16

A relationship enriched through the sacraments

Baptism Ro 6:3-5; Gal 3:27 See also Mt 28:19; Ro 6:8; Col 2:11-12

The Lord’s Supper Mt 26:26-28 pp Mk 14:22-24 pp Lk 22:17-20; 1Co 10:16; 1Co 11:23-29

A relationship that affects every aspect of life

1Co 6:17 See also Jn 15:1-8; Jn 17:20-26; Ro 8:9-11; 1Co 6:19-20; Gal 2:20

It is a mysterious relationship

Col 1:27 See also Eph 5:32

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