6194 impenitence, warnings against

6194 impenitence, warnings against

Scripture stresses the seriousness of impenitence. Despite the goodness of God, some sinners refuse to repent and turn to him in faith.

Impenitence is a refusal to turn from sin

Hos 7:10; Ac 7:51 See also Job 34:33; Isa 1:4; Jer 9:6; Hos 11:5

Impenitence in spite of God’s invitations and and warnings

Isa 66:4; Zec 7:11-12 See also 2Ki 17:14; Zec 1:4 Impenitence is a recurring theme in Jeremiah’s prophecies: Jer 7:25-26; Jer 11:7-8,10; Jer 13:10; Jer 17:23; Jer 25:3-4; Jer 32:33; Jer 44:4-5,16

Impenitence in spite of God’s dealings

Nu 14:11 See also Ne 9:17; Mt 11:20-24 pp Lk 10:13-15

Impenitence in spite of God’s punishment

Ps 78:31-32; Am 4:6 See also Isa 9:13; Jer 2:30; Jer 3:2-3; Jer 5:3; Jer 30:15; Zep 3:2; Hag 2:17

Impenitence in spite of God’s goodness

Ro 2:4 See also Job 15:11 Although inappropriate for Job, the advice is still valid; Ro 10:21

There is no remedy for persistent impenitence

2Ch 36:16; 2Th 2:10 See also Heb 6:4-6; Heb 10:26-27

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