6135 coveting, and other sins

6135 coveting, and other sins

Covetousness is associated with other sins and brings trouble with it.

Coveting is linked with other sins

Idolatry Eph 5:5 See also 1Co 10:6-7; Col 3:5

Pride Ps 10:3

Sexual sin Mt 5:28 See also 1Th 4:5

Laziness Pr 21:25-26

Covetousness is one of many sins which pollute a person

Mk 7:21-23

Love of money is covetousness

It is a source of evil 1Ti 6:9-10 See also Pr 10:2; Pr 22:16; Pr 28:20,22; Pr 30:8-9

Examples of those who love money Lk 16:14; Jn 12:5-6 See also Mt 23:25 pp Lk 11:39; 2Pe 2:3,14 False teachers are “experts in greed”.

Believers must not be lovers of money Heb 13:5; 1Pe 5:2 Elders must not be greedy for money. See also Ex 18:21; Eph 5:3; 1Ti 3:1-3

Love of money characterises the last days 2Ti 3:1-2

Coveting brings trouble

Jas 4:1-2 See also Pr 15:27; Pr 28:25; Pr 29:4

Even a gift can be given covetously

2Co 9:5 The gift translated as “one grudgingly given” literally means a “covetous gift”.

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