5910 motives, examples of

5910 motives, examples of

Scripture reflects the wide range of motives which influence human behaviour.

Right actions can result from wrong motives

Php 1:15-18 See also 1Sa 18:20-23

Right motives do not always produce right actions

1Ki 8:17-19 pp 2Ch 6:7-9 See also Mt 1:18-20

Examples of wrong motives

Malice and envy Ge 37:11 See also Ge 37:18-28; Est 3:1-9; Eze 25:15-16; Eze 36:5; Mt 2:7-13

Greed Jn 12:4-6 See also 2Ki 5:19-27; Tit 1:10-11

Motives are sometimes misjudged

Jos 22:9-34 See also Nu 32:1-33; 2Sa 10:1-4 pp 1Ch 19:1-4; 2Ki 5:5-7

Jesus Christ’s actions motivated by a desire to do God’s will

Jn 8:29 See also Jn 4:34; Jn 6:38; Heb 10:5-7; Ps 40:6-8

Paul’s motives

Paul rejected all base motives in ministry 1Th 2:3-6 See also 2Co 2:17

Paul was motivated by his knowledge of God 2Co 5:9-12

Paul was concerned for the spiritual growth of others Php 4:14-18 Paul’s motive in rejoicing in the gift from the Philippians was the spiritual benefit which they would gain as a result of it. See also Php 1:22-26; Phm 8-14

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