5847 enthusiasm

5847 enthusiasm

A state of eagerness, leading to the positive and committed performance of actions.

Enthusiasm for doing good

1Pe 3:10-13 See also Tit 2:11-14

Enthusiasm for doing evil

Jer 8:6 See also Mic 2:1-2; Zep 3:7

Enthusiasm for work

Pr 31:10-19 See also Pr 6:6-11; Pr 31:24,27

Enthusiasm for giving

2Co 9:2 See also 2Co 8:10-12; Gal 2:10

Enthusiasm for spiritual gifts

1Co 14:12 See also 1Co 14:39

Enthusiasm for serving God

2Co 8:16-17 See also 1Pe 5:2

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