5719 mothers, responsibilities of

5719 mothers, responsibilities of

The fundamental importance of motherhood is recognised throughout Scripture.

Motherhood and childbirth

God plans happiness for women in motherhood Ps 113:9

The need for a mother’s cleansing after childbirth See also Lev 12:1-8; Lk 2:22-24

A mother’s relationship with her children

A mother loves and cares for her children 1Th 2:7 Paul’s statement assumes that a mother’s normal attitude towards her child is one of love and care. See also Lk 2:48

A mother’s role as teacher Pr 1:8 See also Pr 6:20; 2Ti 1:5

The responsibility to discipline children Pr 29:15

The joy or sorrow of parents at their children’s conduct

Pr 10:1 See also Pr 23:25

The negative influence of some mothers upon their children

2Ch 22:3 See also Ge 27:5-17; 1Ki 22:52; Mt 14:6-8; Mt 20:20-22

Children’s reponsibility to honour their parents

Ex 20:12 pp Dt 5:16 “Honour” implies respect, obedience and care for the parents’needs. See also Lev 19:3; Mt 19:19 pp Mk 10:19 pp Lk 18:20; Eph 6:1-3

This honour is due especially to mothers in old age Pr 23:22

Penalties for disobeying parents

Ex 21:15,17; Dt 21:18-21; Pr 20:20; Mt 15:4-6 pp Mk 7:10-13

Sexual relations with one’s mother or mother-in-law are forbidden

Lev 18:7; Dt 27:23

Upon marriage the mother-child relationship becomes secondary

Ge 2:24 See also Mt 19:5 pp Mk 10:7; Eph 5:31

Care for a mother-in-law

Ru 2:11 See also Mt 8:14-15 pp Mk 1:29-31 pp Lk 4:38

The ministry of Jesus Christ may produce conflict within families

Lk 12:53 pp Mt 10:35-36

Following Jesus Christ involves a commitment to him even deeper than love of one’s parents

Mt 10:37 See also Lk 14:26

Jesus Christ regards those who do God’s will as his own family

Mt 12:49-50 pp Mk 3:31-35 pp Lk 8:19-21 See also Mt 19:29 pp Mk 10:29 pp Lk 18:29-30

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