5692 friends, bad

5692 friends, bad

Those who are close or who exercise influence, who prove to be unreliable or deceptive or who lead astray. Scripture provides numerous instructive examples of the negative effects of bad friends upon believers.

Friends who lead astray

From worship Dt 13:6-8 See also Dt 23:6; 1Ki 11:2

From good character 1Co 15:33 See also Pr 12:26; Pr 22:24-25

From friendship with God Jas 4:4 See also Isa 52:11; Jer 9:4-5; Mic 7:5; 2Co 6:14-18; 2Co 7:1

Friends who are unreliable

In their commitment Job 6:14-17

In their trustworthiness Ps 41:9 See also Ps 38:11; Ps 55:20-21; Ob 7; Mt 26:14-15; Jn 13:18 Jesus Christ is speaking about his betrayal by Judas.

In their support 2Ti 4:16 See also 2Ti 4:10

Examples of bad friends

Those who lead astray Ge 3:12 See also 1Ki 12:8-11; Est 5:14

Those who are inconstant Job 19:19 Presumably these friends are not merely the ones who attempted to comfort him. See also Mt 26:31,33-34; 2Ti 4:10,16

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