5671 clan

5671 clan

A social unit, larger than a family but smaller than a tribe.

Membership of a clan

Jdg 6:15 See also Lev 25:10; Jos 7:14-18; Ru 2:1; 1Sa 9:21; 1Sa 10:17-21; 1Sa 18:18

Marriage and the clan

Jdg 12:9 See also Ge 24:34-41; Nu 36:1-12

Inheritance within the clan

Nu 27:8-11

The responsibility of the clan for protection and revenge

Lev 25:47-49 See also Ru 3:7-12; Ru 4:1-12; 2Sa 14:5-7

The clans of Israel listed

Nu 26:1-61

The land allocated to the clans

Jos 13:15-33; Jos 15:1-19:48

Non-Israelite clans

Ge 10:5 See also Ge 10:15-20,31-32; Ge 36:40-43

See also

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